Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Eyesight?

If you have suffering from diabetes issues you may want to be involved about perspective issues now or in the future. Vision issues and suffering from diabetes issues are not irregular. So how does suffering from diabetes issues impact your eyesight? The longer you have suffering from diabetes issues, the greater your possibilities are of having problems with your vision.

Is it true that suffering from diabetes issues can lead to blindness? Yes, if you have suffering from diabetes issues your threat is greater of loss of sight than individuals without suffering from diabetes issues. But most individuals who have suffering from diabetes issues do not have significant eye conditions.

By having regular eye examinations, you should be able to keep your eye issues minimal. If you do create a significant problem, there are treatments that work well if you begin them right away.


    Great sugar (glucose) improves your chance of eye issues.
    Three significant eye issues relevant to suffering from diabetes issues. Cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy.
    If you have your body you should have a dilated eye examination within three to five years after analysis.
    If you are a kind 2 suffering from diabetes you should have a dilated eye examination soon after analysis.
    Yearly eye examinations should be done for both kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes patients more frequently if necessary.

For diabetic's that are involved about their perspective, the first thing is managing your high blood veins sugar levels. Hypertension places a stress on the veins in your eyes, resulting in the veins to filter or hemorrhage when there is too much hypertension. It may also cause the optic sensors to expand impacting your ability to see well.


Cataracts is not restricted to those who just have suffering from diabetes issues. Diabetics will usually get cataracts at an previously age than most individuals and the condition can improvement more quickly than with individuals without suffering from diabetes issues.

Cataracts are the clouding or clouding of the lens of your eye. In most cases you will notice this in one eye only. The lens is what allows you to see clearly and focus on an picture without blurry perspective.


Neovascular glaucoma is when new veins grow on the eye of your eye. That is the shaded part of your eye. These new veins can start ending off liquid circulation in your eye and increase the eye stress.

Glaucoma can be a difficult disease to cure. Laser surgery treatment is one option that decreases the veins on the eye and on the retinal area. There also has been some success by using waterflow and drainage improvements.

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